The Tomb of the Sorcerer Thane: A Limitless Adventures Module Review

Our crew was recently entreated to provide a D&D content review for the lovely folk  at Limitless  Adventures! It was a rousing success, with Wayne in the DM chair, and Justin, Carly and myself running characters.

(Who are these people, I hear you ask? What characters? Well that, I fear, is a secret for another time. But! Do keep an eye on the ‘Carpe DM’ tag for future D&D projects. Watch this space!)The_Tomb_of_the_Sorcerer_Thane_sm

The module we chose to run was called ‘The Tomb of the Sorcerer Thane’, one of their esteemed Limitless Side Quest modules. And it was a blast!

What follows is Justin’s review of our session and its content, along with some largely nonsensical live tweets I supplied on the Prosimian account.



Dear Limitless Adventures,

It is unfortunately difficult to review the material our beloved Dungeon Master Wayne had to work with in creating and animating the session he conducted. Having personally sat behind that DM screen only once, and having not sat behind it on this occasion, it’s hard to tell where the story’s highs and lows came from the reference materials, and where they came from the wicked mind of our own ebullient dwarf.

Before we had even arrived, we had already travelled far, come across a fallen cart, and witnessed a deeply disturbing interaction twixt dwarf and rock, with which I dare not desecrate your hallowed browser window. So by the time the delve began proper, the actual task appeared far more straightforward than any of Wayne’s delicious flavour. The text inscribed on the entrance foreshadowed our final encounter, but beyond that, there wasn’t a great deal of story: a few suits of living armour guarding the lair of a spellcaster that, I’m told, rolled really rather poorly. Off to the side, a fret of mummies lay in wait, but we left them to their mummy-blogging; the only dangers they posed were to haters of kale, acai and quinoa, and perhaps also to their unvaccinated children. Had our initial encounter gone too well, though, I’m sure they would have found a way to disturb us and settle the score. A neat failsafe for the DM to have in hand!

For a one-shot delve, this dipping of our toes in the water served us much better than whatever dark, pungently immersive lagoon plunge Wizards would have had in store for us. No doubt richer stories could be (and have been) weaved, even with similar characters. But if Wayne’s feedback on the material itself was positive, and I get the sense that it largely was, then I’m very happy to play with more materials from the same folks – even if I’m required to proudly transplant my own fleshy narrative marrow into their thin-but-sturdy bones.

– Justin




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