STAR WARS: A New Hope VS The Phantom Menace VS The Force Awakens

Happy holidays to all, and welcome back to The Cage Match—the monthly comparative movie review podcast! Kick back and relax as I join ‘forces’ with my good friend Justin McArthur (of Three Word Slogan fame) as we discuss that most potent of all cultural touchstones: the new Star Wars film.

To give The Force Awakens (2015) its due, we’ve done something a little different! We’ve broken formula, and opted to compare this new iteration of the Star’s War against the other opening salvos, A New Hope (1977) and The Phantom Menace (1998).

Haven’t seen the latest Star Wars film? Not to fret! We’ve kept the first part of this podcast 100% spoiler-free. I mean, yeah, it spoils A New Hope and The Phantom Menace, but come on guys.

Just to reiterate: Part 1 contains ZERO spoilers for The Force Awakens.

Whereas Parts 2 & 3 ARE BASICALLY NOTHING BUT SPOILERS. (Also we flagged it as a two part podcast in the podcast itself, but it actually ended up being three. It’s a Christmas miracle!)

Some of the topics we discuss this month include:

  • Boss Nass
  • (seriously, he comes up several times)
  • Stars
  • War

Piano Harp Sounds‘, used but not modified, courtesy of 3bagbrew under the Creative Commons Attribution license.


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