GIGAHART is now live on Patreon



Good news guys! I’ve started a musical project on Patreon called GIGAHART. It’s only $1 a month, so head over and check it out!

Here’s the spiel:

My name is Ryan Morrison. You might know me from my work here at Prosimian Media, or from my daily webcomic Only the Truest of Facts. Or perhaps you know me in real life! Regardless, I’m sure you’re aware that I love to create, and I have experience in a variety of mediums.
In this instance, I am flexing my abilities as a musician and a composer. My previous credits include composing soundtracks for a variety of theatrical works: Grey (2010), 160 Characters (2010), PressureLands (2012), andAnother Elusive Maybe (2016).

This Patreon is for a musical project called GIGAHART — instrumental compositions with prog-rock and alternative influences, as seen through the lens of electronica. If this milquetoast genre definition of my music seems insufficient, it’s because I’m notoriously bad at categorising my music. So here are some examples from my Bandcamp!

This music is the current nature of GIGAHART. But this may change. Over the years, GIGAHART has a had few casual incarnations, involving jam sessions with my enthusiastic friends Justin and Kate, as well as a performance at a birthday party. There are plans to compose and record material with said friends in future, perhaps even using some of the instrumental pieces offered here as seeds for other works. Patrons will be kept abreast of all developments!

I have recently been diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. Music is one of the suggested methods for coping with chronic pain. I find listening to music to be a transformative experience, and composing it doubly so.
GIGAHART is a way for me to guarantee myself some time each month to indulge this urge. The concept for each song will stand freely on its own, independent of rigid expectation, and through its composition I will work through my struggles and share my journey.
The money I earn from my patrons will go towards medication costs. If I earn significantly more than I need, then I will investigate putting that money towards further avenues of expression that I can share with you all.

I plan to release a minimum of one song a month to subscribers. The release will occur within a week of the monthly Patreon subscription fee being paid.

Songs will be distributed via Bandcamp. Patrons will be sent individual codes for song downloads upon their release. Depending on the demand for older material, older codes may be released to newer subscribers, or perhaps album codes for clusters of material.

(NOTE: As this is the Patreon for Prosimian Media, the content offered may take other forms in future. I will give patrons as much notice as possible if this occurs, in the event that that people would like to change tiers, or unsubscribe.)


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